Florence 2016.

Florence 2016. - 1972 'Bluey Things' David Pettigrew D.A.
Forty three years on!! back to same terrace, same original wire tables! same seat! as in 1973!
David worked and relaxed here in Florence (Via Guelfa) studying on Art Travel Scholarship from Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen. (photograph September 2016).

Oor N.E. 1970.

Also in: 1972 'Bluey Things' David Pettigrew D.A.

'Bluey Things' David Pettigrew D.A. 1972.
Florence 1973.
Trattoria, Firenze, 1973.
Oor N.E. 1970.
Harbour with a Boatyard.
Florence Drawing.1973.
Tuscan Heat, 1973.
Rooftop and Venetian Structures. 1973.
Torcello 2017.